How to make your room look bigger?

The name bedroom is usually attributed to the bedroom, but it also applies to generalize and define any room in which we spend a lot of time. On the other hand, it is true that the rooms, or bedrooms, are usually the smallest, giving more space to the living room, dining room and kitchen. The use of colours is very important in all areas of our home, especially in small rooms. As you know, light colours not only produce that optical sensation of amplitude that we desire, but they also bring luminosity. White, light grey and cream are perfect to achieve our purpose although, logically, decorating a room with only the colours mentioned can be boring. Therefore, you can opt for these colours in ceilings, mouldings and window frames or doors, painting the walls with light colours, neutral or pastel, which will also provide an amplitude effect.However, there are no established rules; We must take into account the luminosity that the room receives and, since it is our space, also the tastes of each person.

Some people prefer more discreet colours and others prefer a contribution of colour and vivacity, so you can combine whites, greys and creams with warm or cold colours. If you do not want to “risk” and decide on light, neutral or pastel colours, you can add more intense colour notes in decorative elements or furniture. What you can do is sit with the natural hair extensions, and look cool!

An example that there are no established rules: In this bedroom, the walls, curtains and carpet have been chosen playing with the range of purple colours and the result is a room that seems bigger than it is, -although you have to have an account that receives good natural lighting. You cannot see the ceiling, so we assume it is a high ceiling room, which also influences. Another important point is the lighting. If the room receives natural lighting, the idea is to take advantage of giving prominence to the windows, stripping them of heavy curtains and opting for blinds and other systems that allow the passage of light and, at the same time, filter it for when we need darkness. Wear your natural hair extensions, and fascinate all those who visit you!

As for artificial light, indirect lights at strategic points such as headboards, shelves and other pieces of furniture will not only save space but also provide intimacy and personality. On the roof, it is preferable to run away from very bulky lamps. Halogens, spotlights, ceiling lamps and table lamps, combined with the aforementioned indirect lights, can completely transform a small room, making it look bigger. Furniture plays a fundamental role. There are pieces that we cannot do without and we cannot recharge the room so the functional furniture is an excellent option to save space and have storage. This does not mean that we should leave the room open and without decorative objects or other pieces of furniture causing a “hotel room” effect. To complete the decoration, it is preferable not to be extremist, that is, not too much saturation of furniture and decorative elements or make the mistake of leaving much free space because that will reveal the narrowness of the room.

We know what the colours on the walls that produce a sense of spaciousness are. We can also provide notes of more intense colours. And what the self dressing, you must look good alike your home, so make sure to wear natural hair extensions! If you notice, in the previous images -including those of intense colours- and in the following image, the decorative elements and furniture keep a harmony. In this case, whites, creams and browns. Create risky contrasts of colours, reveal the small space.