How To Maximize Cabinet Space When Organizing The Kitchen

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at your kitchen cabinets. How many cabinets do you have and are the shelves adjustable? Are there a lot of non kitchen items in the cabinets? The shelves that are occupied with light bulbs, nails, broken candles and other items are in premium space. The smallest cabinet became the sibling of the catch all drawer.

How to Maximize Space in the Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Remove all non kitchen items. Put them in their proper place in the utility closet.
  2. Throw away all plastic lids that don’t fit any containers. The lids will not come in handy later.
  3. Collect all the containers that have no lids and set them aside.
  4. Collect all the large and small plates that have no matches.
  5. Collect all the coffee mugs, glasses and cups that are no longer a set.
  6. Throw away all cracked and stained plastic ware.
  7. Throw away anything that you are not going to use anymore.
  8. There are at least four empty cabinets to put to good use.

Where do you put all the mismatched plates, saucers, cups, and plastic ware? The small empty cabinet that held the non kitchen tools is vacant. Making use of the small double tier mesh shelves will add an extra shelf to each level in the cabinet. There are many colours to choose from that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen cabinets. Some of the shelving is made of bamboo, light and medium mesh, light and heavy plastic. The wooden shelves constructed of cedar have a wonderful scent that reminds you of the outdoors. The same items are made with a non scented cedar.

How do you want your cabinets near the stove set up with your spices? There are a variety of styles to store your spices. The small two and three tier spice racks can be mounted inside the cabinet door. The double and triple folds out spice racks sit on the bottom of the shelf. When the racks are pulled out, they expand an additional 10 to 12 inches. The spice racks can be purchased in country, modern, rustic and contemporary styles.


Triple tiered racks are very sturdy and can hold the coffee mugs or cups and fine glassware. When reorganizing the kitchen to have under the shelf baskets, keep in mind how close to the surface the baskets will hang.

Remember to measure the inside of the cabinets from wall to wall, where the shelves, spice racks or Lazy Susan will be placed. Pick out the hardware to mount your spice racks The handwear should compliment the colour and style of your kitchen. When you step back and look at your handiwork, your kitchen will feel and look brand new.